East Riding College

Responsive Design, CMS, Mobile, Facebook, Consultancy

East Riding College required an all in one solution to manage their web presence across desktop, mobile and Facebook.

The solution features course searching, college information, news, vacancies and online application forms accessible across all platforms including Facebook which we believe to be a first for a UK college.

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YES Society

Responsive Design, Custom Development

YES Society contacted me to create an integrated platform to manage and run their online charity raffle.

Users can sign up using their phone, tablet or computer and subscribe using the UK Direct Debit system. To comply with strict gambling laws entrant’s identities are electronically checked via a third-party provider.

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Boutique & Breakfast

Responsive Design, WordPress

Boutique & Breakfast is a web site featuring handpicked listings of bed & breakfasts around the UK.

The site is built upon the WordPress content management system featuring custom post types to provide the listings functionality.

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First Step Sports

Responsive Design, WordPress Multisite

First Step Sports recently updated their brand and divided their business into five distinct areas.

They required an easy to use solution to manage their five sub brand sites and group site within one control panel, therefore it was decided to build the project as a set of responsive WordPress sites taking advantage of the built in WordPress multisite functionality. Users can view information about the company and even book and pay for events online.

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Hull Stars

Responsive Design, CodeIgniter

Hull Stars is the tripadvisor of student accommodation in the city of Hull allowing student to review their houses and landlords.

The site has been custom built upon the CodeIgniter web framework and is regularly updated with new features and enhancements.

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Travel & Code

Responsive Design, WordPress

Travel & Code is my personal blog where I talk about two of my favourite things, travel & code, hence the name.

The site is fully responsive and works on anything from your phone to your computer and is built upon the open source WordPress platform which resulted in quick development and an easy to use control panel.

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The Lupus Narratives

Responsive Design, WordPress

The School of Social Sciences in the University of Hull commissioned me to build a web site to show the results of a research project about people's experiences living with Lupus in the United Kingdom.

The site was built on the WordPress platform utilising a bespoke theme and custom functionality to enable the results to be shown in a simple and meaningful format.

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Convert Case

HTML/CSS, jQuery, Google AdSense

Convert Case is a popular utility to easily convert text between cases, for example UPPER and lower case.

Data is converted client-side unless the user has JavaScript disabled to protect privacy and is monetised using Google AdSense.

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Humber Learning Consortium

Design, Custom CMS, Micro Sites, Newsletter

Humber Learning Consortium (HLC) acts as management and quality hub for learning and skills providers across the Humber and Yorkshire.

HLC required a custom CMS with the ability to create micro sites for themselves and partners to learn, communicate and share resources. After several years with their existing solution, I created a new system from the ground up taking inspiration from the best parts of the old and adding new functionality to enhance the usability and effectiveness of their offering.

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Visual Republic


Visual Republic was a conglomerate of freelance designers, developers, project managers and marketing experts based in the UK.

A design was provided in Photoshop to which I crafted the HTML, CSS and JavaScript to bring everything together into a beautiful one page web site. The site has been featured around the industry on many web showcases, blogs and books due to its unique style.

The Moo Moo Network


The Moo Moo Network is a diversely skilled group of individuals that have come together for a common goal, to sell software online.

Visual Republic were contacted to design the site after being spotted on as showcase site. I took the design that was created and turned it into a working web site.

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Centenary Archery Team

Design, Custom CMS, Member Login

Centenary Archery Team are a group of individuals brought together to create an archery team whose aim is to provide non-profit archery sessions to people of all abilities

The site features news, galleries, team profiles and a member login powered by a custom CMS.

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Sticky Admin Sidebar WordPress Plugin

WordPress, Plugin, jQuery

When I design web sites with WordPress, the admin pages sometimes get very long and WordPress makes you scroll back up to the top of the page everytime you want to save your work.

This plugin solves this problem by automatically scrolling the sidebar into view as you scroll the page, so you can save from wherever you are.

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Multi-site CMS


A new modular Content Management System (CMS) with the ability to host multiple sites within one install reducing maintenance costs and allowing features to be deployed to clients quickly and easily.

The system is used by my clients and those of Terry Wilcher who has provided valuable feedback from his clients to help build the system as it is today.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested in licensing this system for use on your own web site or within your agency.